Behind its elegance and simplicity, Toolten is packed with features for time tracking.
Enable only the options you need to get the perfect time tracker, and see how it improves your time management.
Stop running over time, boost your focus, log your work hours and save time filling timesheets!
Track time on tasks and projects

Tasks and projects

Create tasks that need to be completed and organize them into projects. Each task has its color and icon: make it fun!

Task trackers for timesheets


Each task has a chronometer, start it and stop it anytime! And get the total spent during the day, week or month.

Time estimates and overtime


Estimate the time that a task should take and keep an eye on your progress, to make sure you don’t go overtime.

Timesheets statistics


Get beautiful and meaningful insights on how you spend your time.

Track with the retrostart feature

Retrostart & retrostop

Did you forget to start a task, or forget to stop it? It happens all the time, but we let you correct that effortlessly.

Favorites for easy time management

Favorites and search

Access any tasks in a blink of an eye, especially the ones you use the most.

Comments on timesheets entry


Leave a comment on any of your work sessions.

Billable work hours logs

Billable sessions

When working for clients, your time is not always billable. State which sessions are billable, and which are not.

Time management options

Simplicity and modularity

Keep Toolten dead simple by enabling only the options you need.

Automatic work hours backup

Automatic backup

Premium – Your data is saved in the cloud for safekeeping.

Multi-device time tracker

Multiple devices

Premium – Use different devices to access the app, including any computer with a browser.

Real-time work hours synchronization

Real-time synchronization

Premium – Start a task on your computer, stop it on your phone. Toolten keeps you synced all day.

Timesheet archives


Archive the tasks you are done with so you don’t clutter your workspace.

Import export time logs

Import and export

Download your data in and out of the app to use it in spreadsheets or other software.

Multilingual time tracker


Toolten is available in multiple languages. Drop us a line if you want to help us translate in yours!

And more is coming! We are working on new features.

If you have any suggestions, please send us an email and tell us what you need. We are always thrilled to hear from our users!

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