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Keep track of the time spent on your tasks. Improve your time management and make timesheets easier!

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An intuitive, beautiful time tracker

The app you launch 20 times a day deserves to be enjoyable.

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Timesheet synchronized time trackers
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The art of time tracking

Toolten makes time tracking fun and provides neat, visual reports.
If you work with timesheets, fill them much faster with great accuracy.

Timesheets and work hours logs

Easy time tracking

Create tasks, start and stop the clock, get a report. Simple as that! Advanced features include projects, comments, billability and more.

UX timesheets app

User experience

We focus on design and usability. Toolten is your smart, beautiful companion. You’ll love spending saving your days with it!


Time management backup app



Keeping track of time is great, but losing the data afterwards is terrible. No more! Your work hours are saved in the cloud*

Time tracking synchronization

Multi-device sync


Use Toolten on several devices!
They get synchronized in real time*

* requires internet connection


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"This is going to be a game changer".

Toolten’s founder

"This could help so many people, congratulations guys."

Our mums

"I've been using it every single day since I installed it."

A friend of ours


“Looks like a very nice app, get it out already!”

Ok, we’ll have better quotes to show off once Toolten is released.


“Toolten helps me manage my time like a boss”

This is what we hope many people will say in a few weeks.


“Toolten really helps me focus”

That’s what all our early testers tell us, and so much more.


“Best app ever.”
John Lennon


“Toolten, you rock.”
Abraham Lincoln


“I would sell my family to get early access to Toolten.”
Winston Churchill

Rethinking time tracking

The story behind Toolten

Rethinking time tracking

Keeping track of time is usually a professional requirement, also known as timesheets. Most people would merely consider it a chore.
We don’t, and we are on a mission to change that opinion!

Timesheets is not just a tool for managers. An accurate, synthetic vision of your work hours is key to managing your time and priorities.

All you need is an enjoyable time tracker that you’ll actually like to use. And here comes Toolten.

We’re only getting started

Crafting the time tracker of the future

Toolten is available on all major platforms and devices, to accompany you everywhere throughout the day. Our mission: help you take back control of your time.

Toolten being only a few months old, we are merely at the beginning of the journey. We are working hard to bring you more features soon, always with our signature: beautiful, intuitive software.

Are you on board with us? Support the project by subscribing to a Premium account, tell your friends about Toolten and share your thoughts on how to improve time tracking!


Upgrade your account



  • Limited to 5 tasks
  • Reports and statistics
  • Use on a single device
  • Backup of your data
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Access via web browser (Chrome)



+ taxes
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Reports and statistics
  • Use on multiple devices
  • Backup of your data
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Access via web browser (Chrome)

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