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Monitor the time spent on your tasks with Toolten.
Detect time-consuming tasks and prevent overtime.
Start the clock and see how more focused and productive you become!

Spend less time filling timesheets, more time on what matters.
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Toolten, the time tracking timesheets app

Time tracking features

An intuitive, beautiful time tracker

The app you use all the time deserves to be enjoyable.

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At the service of busy people

Count your time
to make it count

Toolten was made for people who value their time. Whether you are a lawyer billing by the hour, a freelancer, a project manager or just someone mindful of his/her time, you have to keep an eye on the watch.

On the one hand, Toolten tracks the time down to the second. It shows how much time you have left, so you do not exceed the allotted time. As a bonus, the ticking clock definitely boosts your focus!

On the other hand, the daily/weekly/monthly reports give you the eagle view needed to identify time-consuming, unprofitable tasks. They let you reassess your agenda, save money and take back control of your time.

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Work hours log timesheets

A new approach to timesheets

Stop hating timesheets, start loving time tracking

Timesheets have recently become a requirement in most organizations. While providing critical insights to managers, they are often the employees’ most hated duty, postponed to Friday’s late afternoon. No more!

Toolten suppresses the tedious, inaccurate guesswork. Thanks to a simple game of Start & Stop, what used to be 20mn of pain becomes 2mn of copy-pasting an accurate report.

But time tracking is not just about reporting work hours to your manager. It is a new form of time management. While the perception of time is highly subjective, Toolten’s cold numbers show the hard truth. They force you to focus and stop wasting your time.

Toolten is your smart, beautiful companion at work. Give it a try!

Log your work hours

The ultimate time tracker

 Toolten makes time tracking fun and provides neat, visual reports.
Timesheets become easy and accurate.

Easy time logger tracker

Accurate time logs

Create tasks, start and stop the clock, get a report. Simple as that! Other features include projects, comments, billability and more.

Easy timesheets software

A new time management

Forget the traditional hassle of timesheets. Boost your focus and keep your time for what matters most.
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Prime experience

We focus on design and usability. Toolten is your smart, beautiful companion. You’ll love spending saving your time with us!


Premium work hours log

Advanced features


Get to the next level of time tracking with automatic backup, web access, multi-device synchronization and more!

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